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Louis C.K. On the Profit and Loss of Turning ‘Pirates Back Into Paying Customers’

via "Live at the Beacon Theater"

Louis C.K. made the Internet very happy this week. Need proof? Check out the swath the comedian cut through Reddit’s Ask Me Anything or AMA forum, where, in between some radically transparent answers (He turns down female fans who try to pleasure him between shows! He’s not an atheist! ) even a brusque “Shut up” or “Fuck you” elicited swoons from Redditors. IAmA Person who Louis C.K. said shut up to,” wrote newjunkieGR.

Similar praise and awe was given to Mr. C.K.’s web experiment: pay $5 to access his latest special, “Live at the Beacon Theater”, DRM-free. Read More

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Louis CK Takes to Reddit for an AMA: ‘I Have Zero Idea What’s About To Happen’

AMA's Newest Star, Louis CK.

Louis CK’s had a pretty unlikely career: After a bunch of failed television shows, the man commonly known as the comedian’s comedian finally had a hit with his latest—Louie, on FX—when he was given the creative autonomy to do what he wants with it. It’s all too fitting, then, that he’s taken today to Reddit’s famous AMA (or: Ask Me Anything) forum, about as likely an unlikely viral success as Louis CK himself. Read More