Nerding Out

This Database Painstakingly Chronicles a Family Tree of Tolkien Characters

Bilbo is impressed, but also bewildered. (Photo: Gossip Cop)

Do the infinite wonders of the Internet know no bounds? We’ve just been alerted to the magnificence that is the Lord of the Rings project, an extensive catalog of every character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional world of Middle Earth, including both a family tree and an entire section of the project devoted to number crunching.

There’s even an Android app. For once, you iPhone owners can only look on in envy.

It’s enough to satisfy even the most enthusiastic of hobbit genealogists (and hobbits are well known to be almost as fond of genealogy as they are of snacks and pipe-smoking).  Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

After Hack Attack, Carnage Sweeps Like Death’s Scythe Through World of Warcraft


Is no Internet community safe from the outrageous depredations of the hackers? The latest victims of their villainy: World of Warcraft. Forbes reports that, on Sunday morning, a mysterious attack swept through the game, slaying thousands of avatars.

It was as swift and terrible as the coming of Ringwraiths.

Forbes reports on the terror: Read More