LinkedIn Forced Its Employees to Celebrate “Cinco de LinkedIn” for Its 10th Birthday

This happened. (Photo: Flickr)

Looks like LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman is just using any excuse to get shitfaced. In honor of the company’s tenth birthday, he created “Cinco de LinkedIn,” a real company event celebrated by its 3,700 employees.

Not only does it sound moderately offensive, like drunk-sorority-girl-loudly-practicing-her-Spanish-at-Blockheads obnoxious, but it is also numerically nonsensical. At last check, cinco is roughly translated to “five” and not “terrible fucking idea.” Read More

XXX in Tech

Use MS Paint to Make Your Favorite Porn Pics Safe for Work

(Photo: Porn SFW)

Care of Uproxx comes Betabeat’s new favorite site, Porn SFW, which collects user-submitted images of porn that have been made safe for work by superimposing silly Microsoft Paint drawings overtop of them. Basically, people take screenshots of gross porn scenes and then use Microsoft Paint to make the images ostensibly safe for work (though we wouldn’t recommend sending them to your boss any time soon). Read More

SOPA Opera

The Villain Behind SOPA, Rep. Lamar Smith: Copyright-Violating Hypocrite?


Texas congressman Rep. Lamar Smith has become a national household name, rare for obscure politician such as himself. It’s because he’s the author behind the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, better known as SOPA, which if passed, could give our government the power to shut down any website they find in violation of online piracy laws.

Including, it would seem, his own. Read More