Patent Absurdities

Pinterest and Path Attempt to Out-Douche Each Other Over the Letter ‘P’

(Photo: Gadgetsteria)

There are thousands of startups out there solving important, systemic problems that have been plaguing communities for years. Pinterest, a social network for sharing pictures of butts, and Path, a social network for sharing pictures of your butt with an elite circle of friends, are not two of them.

Now, Techcrunch reports that the platforms are dueling over the letter “P.” This is where tech is today, everyone. Soak it up. Read More

Trademark That!

Proudly Flout Twitter’s New Brand Guidelines With This Single-Serving Site


If there’s one thing citizens of the Internet despise, it’s being told what to do. Look no further than the rise of hacker collectives and anti-SOPA protests for confirmation on that. That’s why when Twitter changed its logo and instituted strangely strict guidelines surrounding what you can and can’t do with it (“Don’t manipulate the bird!”), some were a little taken aback by the company’s sudden decision to go trademark trigger-happy. Read More