Booting Up: Wait, Have You Seen How Scary Those Robots That Google Bought Are?

Nope. (Photo: Boston Dynamics/YouTube)

Everything is annoying: Facebook is reportedly going install video ads that will automatically play in a user’s News Feed later this week. [WSJ]

It doesn’t sound like the CEO of LivingSocial knows whether his turnaround plan will work or not. [AdWeek]

There’s now free Wi-Fi in San Francisco but it only works in a three-mile quadrant. [Engadget]

You can unsend messages on Instagram Direct. [BI]

The robots made by Google-owned Boston Dynamics are fucking terrifying. [BGR]


Booting Up: Blame Princeton Students For Creating That “What Would I Say?” Facebook App

"Numbers are hard." (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch)

Snapchat’s rejection of a multibillion dollar offer from Facebook was made “because they think making a deal now would leave many billions more on the table.” [New York Times]

LivingSocial is “ashamed and embarrassed” that its outage has lasted more than 40 hours. [AllThingsD]

That “What Would I Say?” app for cobbling your Facebook statuses together was a result of a Princeton Hackathon. [New Yorker]

Searching for a new hobby, Google’s Eric Schmidt has joined the board of The Economist. [Guardian]

Apple is requesting an additional $380 million in damages from its argument with Samsung over patent infringements but Samsung only wants to pay $52 million of it. [CNet]


Booting Up: LivingSocial Shutters NY Office, Google Considered “Pew Pew Pew” for Glass Commands

Sorry, Russia! (Photo:

LivingSocial’s office in New York went through a shake-up yesterday. It shuttered its Midtown South office forcing employees to work from home going forward. Additionally, 30 people from the daily deal’s local events team lost their jobs. [The Next Web]

Google purchased 15 acres in its old stomping grounds of Palo Alto. The company isn’t revealing what it plans to do with the property. [Mercury News]

Netflix’s domination of the Emmy nominations Thursday is leaving television execs pretty scared. [New York Times]

Russia’s biggest telco MTR, which has 100 million customers, has stopped selling the iPhone. [BGR]

LOL at Google’s other options it was considering instead of “OK Glass,” like “Pew pew pew,” “Go go Glass,” and “Glassicus.” Just looking at the face computer is nerdy enough, but imagine having to say those things?! [Gizmodo]

Location Based

Foursquare to Serve up Daily Deals From LivingSocial, Gilt Groupe and AT&T

Now with more Brazilian wax.

Just when Betabeat goes and starts ragging on Foursquare for not being aggressive enough about generating some real revenue, BAM, they announce a partnership with some of the biggest names in the daily deal and flash sale world. According to Spencer Ante at the Wall Street Journal, Foursquare will remarket bargins from these services, using its intimate knowledge of the shopping habits and current location of over 10 million users to target customers who might engage with these deals. Read More

Venture Capitalism

Who Took Home the Most VC Money This Quarter?


It’s about that end-of-quarter time and Fortune’s Dan Primack crunched the numbers, following the VC money down the start-up hole. Absent’s $1.5 billion “venture capital” investment–because c’mon–only one local, Made in NYC company made the list. Yup, it’s the same folks whose $270 million in total funding skewed the center of New York’s tech universe further uptown. At this point, we wouldn’t begrudge the city’s other start-ups some empathy with Jan Brady.  (Gilt Groupe! Gilt Groupe! Gilt Groupe!). Gilt’s $138 million commitment last quarter won them the No. 5 slot. Let’s see who their neighbors are . . . Read More