First Person Plural

Me and You and Everyone We Know: The Many (Many, Many) Faces of Internet Multiples

Mia. (Photo:

In a bustling Starbucks at the Stamford Town Center in picturesque Connecticut, a tall woman swaddled in a gray sweater and an ankle-length skirt appeared in the doorway. Her chestnut hair was pulled back, exposing moon-pale skin and saucer eyes. Nervously, she scanned the room before I waved her over. She introduced herself: “Hi, I’m Lillian.”

Lillian did not come to the Starbucks alone. Although to be fair, she’s never really alone. Along with Mia, Rebecca, Julie, Pastel, Jennifer, Katelynn, Luna and “17,” she is part of the JC Klatch, a system of individuals (don’t call them personalities) who have lived together inside the same physical body for as long as they can remember. Read More

Blog So Hard

Fatshion Police: How Plus-Size Blogging Left Its Radical Roots Behind


The rag trade has never been terribly kind to larger ladies. Plus-size women quickly learn where they can and cannot shop, as most clothing companies simply decline to do business above a size 14. And the bigger you get, the more doors slam shut. Entire malls must be written off.

And that’s just assembling enough clothing to cover yourself on a daily basis. Staying on trend can seem downright Sisyphean. Did you want one of those chambray shirts that were so popular this year? Well, don’t expect Vogue to help you find it. Either it’ll turn up at one of the handful of outlets that deal in fashionable plus-size clothing, or you’re just going to have to do without.

In short, it’s a wasteland. And traversing it is a series of humiliations. Read More

Don't Call It a Comeback

No Emo! LiveJournal Starts Deleting Some Inactive Accounts Before Its American Comeback Tour

Oh No They Didn't and its disconcertingly clean new interface.

Break out the “Bright Eyes,” over-sharers! LiveJournal, the no. 1 blogging platform of choice for navel-gazers in the early aughts is sending out notices this week that, “LiveJournal is planning to start deleting inactive empty accounts.” A reader who received the email yesterday sent us a copy, but from the  chatter on the site, it seems they’re not the only one.

Don’t dig a digital grave next to your Friendster testimonials and MySpace spam just yet, however. The purge, which LiveJournal has instituted at various times before, looks to be part of a recent attempt to win back American hearts and minds. Read More