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Rumor Roundup: Nicholas Megalis Pretends to Retire and The Mindy Project Loves Tinder

Hmmm. (Photo:

We barely knew ye. Prolific Vine celeb and Betabeat fave Nicholas Megalis announced last night via radio show and dramatic vine that he is RETIRING and moving to the Poconos to chill out for a while.

“I’m done,” he said. “I’m just done. Like, I made investments in some small companies … but I’m gonna just sit on that for a little bit, but I got a cabin and I’m gonna chill in the Poconos for a little bit.”

“You’re literally going out on top,” the radio host said.

“My world isn’t the same right now,” another woman in the studio lamented. (Yes, Viners can be dramatic.) Read More

Survey Says

Science Says Girls Pretend to Be Anxious About Math Because Society Tells Them To

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Researchers have just proven that not only is Mean Girls the greatest movie of all time, but it’s also scientifically accurate.

As reported on Motherboard, a recent study called “Do Girls Really Experience More Anxiety in Mathematics?” proves that—contrary to disturbingly popular belief—girls aren’t actually intimidated by math; they just think they should be. Thanks, society. Read More

The Rich Are Different

Larry Ellison Saves Malibu From Gross Poor People Food

With a girlfriend like this...  (Photo: Getty)

Oracle chief Larry Ellison has saved Carbon Beach, a section of Malibu, from pink slime burgers and sticky, soda-covered floors by importing a couple of bougie restaurants.

The Hawaiian island overlord is also Carbon Beach’s biggest landowner, so he used his oracular influence to persuade Nobu Matsuhisa to toss the town a sushi resto, The Hollywood Reporter says. Great idea if they’re trying to lure the real Lindsay Lohan, who hasn’t been seen since her evil twin took over in 2004. Read More

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Lindsay Lohan’s Blackberry is So Fetch

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Troubled star of Mean Girls (and some other movies, we guess) Lindsay Lohan was snapped leaving the DREAM Hotel in Manhattan yesterday, wielding the very same ultra-rare, ultra-expensive Blackberry that Beyonce has. Oh no she didn’t!

The phone is a special edition device designed by Porsche, but with the functionality of the Blackberry Bold 9900/9930. Sorry, guys: It’s infinitely more swag than the typical fare you can snag at your local Verizon store.

The phone favored by Ms. Lohan and Queen Bey costs a pretty penny for peasants like us: a Blackberry Bold P’9981 will run you $2,145. So, probably none for Gretchen Wieners bye.

(h/t David Shapiro)

shameless rumormongering

Did Lindsay Lohan Just Make Sean Parker’s Dreams Come True?


If anyone needed confirmation that the nouveau-riche billionaires of the tech bubble might join actors and hoteliers as a the latest subset of rakish cads (“Have something to prove, ISO arm candy”), look no further than this rumor on Gawker.

“We heard a wild tale that Parker and Lohan had recently gotten coked up together; one version of the story even had Parker’s jealous fiancée battering down a door. Parker’s spokesman flatly denied the gossip. But Lohan was among the VIPs invited to enjoy bowls of caviar at Parker’s sumptuous rental castle after Coachella this year. And Parker’s spokesman didn’t deny that Lohan partied on all three nights of the Palm Desert soirée.”

We have no idea there’s truth to the rumor, but to support the gossip-mongering, Ryan Tate reports that “in addition to Lohan, Parker’s fiancée Alexandra and Lohan’s sister and brother, Ali and Michael, also made appearances at the party palace.”

Post-Social Network, Mr. Parker did his best to distance himself from Justin Timberlake’s celluloid depiction of a party-hardy modelizer. Read More