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Today In Y Combinator Hacks: PairMixer Lets You Thumbkiss a Stranger

Screen Shot 2012-04-10 at 4.07.05 PM

Tired of reading about Pair, the Y Combinator Demo Day darling, but having no partner to test it out with? Singletons, meet your solution.

For the uninitiated, Pair is a social network built for two. It lets you send texts, photos, videos with that special someone. In other words, everything you can do already, but contained in a handy PG-13 app. “Hey Pair, Go Ahead and Centralize My Entire Relationship,” Pando Daily’s newest blogger wrote yesterday.¬†Oh yeah, it also invented something called a “thumbkiss” where your phone vibrates if you and your Pair partner touch the screen at the same time.¬†Perhaps you’re starting to understand why we called it more of a monogamy-enforcer than “the perfect sexting app“? Read More