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Adderall Reportedly Doesn’t Improve Grades So We Have No Clue How We Graduated College

Our college diet. (Photo: Flickr/hipsxxhearts)

Several new studies just dissolved the notion that Adderall-induced study binges were what led you to the promised land of a passable GPA. It turns out that while ADHD medication does help its users boost concentration and improve short-term memory, it doesn’t sharpen students’ grades. In the long-run, students who used (and abused) the drugs scored roughly the same as those who didn’t. Read More


Sorry: Texts From Bennett, Your New Favorite Blog, Is All Just a Lie (Made Up By That “Look At Me Now” Kitchen Rapper)

Oh, Bennett: Destroyer of dreams, kinda.

Maybe you’ve heard of Texts From Bennett? It’s a Tumblr that’s blazed an incredible, viral trail through the internet over the past few days, made up of texts from some anonymous blogger’s younger cousin Bennett, described as a “17 YEAR-OLD” who “THINKS HE’S A CRIP, WORKS AT AMOCO, HAS A GIRLFRIEND NAMED MERCEDES, AND IS ONE OF THE MOST UNINTENTIONALLY FUNNY AND BRILLIANT SOULS ON THE PLANET.” They are also, as the site says, “100% REAL.”

Except, not. Read More