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Google Refuses White House Plea to Remove Controversial Anti-Muslim Video

Still from a trailer for Innocence of Muslims

Google will not delete an inflammatory video currently playing a role in Muslim protests around the world, in spite of a take-down request from the White House.

The search giant is only censoring Innocence of Muslims in India, Indonesia, Egypt and Libya, where violent and deadly protests have broken out following the video’s translation into Arabic. Reuters reports on the company’s legalistic explanation for not just wiping the video completely from the web: Read More

perils Goes Down Due to Libyan Conflict

We’ve bounced this tidbit back and forth a few times at Betabeat, but it seems like the turmoil in Libya has finally had a concrete impact on a site using that nation’s .ly domain.

“Last week the agency we used to register the domain was taken down as a side effect of the war Read More