The New New Bankers

Startupland’s Next World-Changing Idea: Monetizing the Poor


In an incisive blog post about Silicon Valley culture, Catherine Bracy, a former program manager for Tech4Obama recently wrote, “It feels like, and often is, a bunch of Stanford guys making tools to fix their own problems.”

There are, however, some exceptions to that myopic world view. Like the growing sector of well-funded startups profiting off the working class by re-imagining the pay day loan. Like every new tech market, this one comes with its own jargon. The founders behind camel case companies like ZestFinance, LendUp, and SpotLoan say they just wanna help the “underbanked.” Read More


Booting Up: Hacking Press Coverage for Fun and Profit

Time for school! (Photo:

First Round Capital has built a brand-new platform for startups seeking press coverage: HackPR, designed to connect them with journalists. The firm is hoping to replicate the same kind of buzz that made Warby Parker an e-commerce darling after an early profile in GQ. [TechCrunch]

Kids from Cornell got a tour of the New York startup scene yesterday. [New York Daily News]

Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures are all backing a startup called LendUp, which’ll make small loans (think $300) to people with poor credit. Basically, it’s an alternative to the traditional payday loan, with friendlier customer service. Good luck and God bless. [AllThingsD]

No, you’re not just imagining it: There are Meetups everywhere, all the time, for everything. You’re going to need to be strategic in your selection. [WYNC]

Please enjoy this cri de coeur against Instagram filters, which are basically photography training wheels. [Wired]