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And Here is Tumblr’s New L.A. Office Space. Time to Sell Some Ads!

Probably not the key to a new castle on the moon.  (via)

Well, well: Looks like even as Tumblr was shuttering Storyboard, the company was getting ready to begin another chapter on the sunny West Coast. Yesterday, the company’s head of sales, Lee Brown, posted several photos of an unfurnished building.

“Tumblr LA office open!!!” he captioned it. It looks just like every startup space in Soho–except for the rays, of course.

Smack in the center of the lead photo, holding up a key, is wunderkind CEO David Karp. It doesn’t seem like Mr. Karp lingered to answer questions from employees re: what was up with that Storyboard shutdown. Read More

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String of Executive Departures Leaves a Leadership Vacuum at the Top of Tumblr

david karp

Late Tuesday night, while most of New York City was “afk” enjoying the balmy weather, Tumblr CEO David Karp snuck a post onto the staff blog paying tribute to Storyboard–a team of journalists and editors assigned to “cover Tumblr as a living, breathing community.”

After gushing with pride over Storyboard’s many accolades, Mr. Karp pivoted, abruptly. The year-old concept “had run its course” and the editorial team, he announced, “will be closing up shop and moving on.” Please, he asked, “join us in wishing them well.”

But the Storyboard layoffs, which affected three staffers peripheral to internal operations, are hardly the only departures Tumblr has faced over the past six or seven months. Rather, they’re the only ones Mr. Karp has spoken about publicly. Read More

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Tumblr Installs a Groupon, Yahoo Vet as Head of Global Sales

Mr. Brown. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Operation: Get Money seems to be proceeding apace at Tumblr, as the company builds out its advertising offerings and its team to manage them. The latest development: the hiring of a new head of global sales. Lee Brown, who starts work on September 17, will report directly to motorcyclist-in-chief David Karp.

Mr. Brown’s background in digital ad sales is nothing to sneeze at. Previously Groupon’s SVP of national sales, he was one of a number of recent, high-profile departures from the beleaguered daily deals site, which just seems snakebit lately. Before that, he spent a decade at Yahoo, serving in a number of positions.  Read More