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Startup News: Barry Diller Brings Back the Big Dog and Lauren Conrad’s Site Is Sold


Healthy Hills? Everyday Health, the SoHo-based and more successful version of WebMd, has acquired EQAL, the creators of Lonelygirl15 and the owners of Everyday Health’s ad revenue grew 40 percent in the first quarter, compared to WebMD’s decline of 20 percent. This coincides with Everyday Health’s announcement that they’re moving beyond YouTube and launching a version of it’s web show “Recipe Rehab” for ABC stations around the country.

Diller Brings Back Dog Ben Silverman’s multimedia entertainment studio Electus, part of Barry Diller’s IAC, just sold ten episodes of a new show starring Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth to CMT. “Dog and Beth are not only great television characters,” said Electus CEO Chris Grant, “They are the best bounty hunters in the world, and this show is a natural evolution of their life story.” Read More

Let the Rain Fall Down

Twitter Reportedly Working with Hollywood to Launch an Original Video Series à la The Hills

:( (Photo: Fav IM)

If last weekend’s Laguna Beach marathon wasn’t enough to quench your thirst for early-aughts era reality TV, perhaps this news fresh out of Ad Week will do the trick. Sources say that Twitter is looking to host an exclusive reality web series developed by one of the producers of fan favorite drama The Hills, delivered either as content tweeted and promoted in-stream, or on a standalone Twitter page like the company’s recent NASCAR promotion.

Despite the fact that the search tool still sucks, the current incarnation of the Twitter platform works well in conjunction with watching TV: Brands have long since adopted appending a hashtag to the bottom corner of a screen during a program. But actually helping to develop original content to serve up exclusively on Twitter is a whole other game. Read More