Bless his heart

LoveRoom Founder Insists His Airbnb-Meets-Tinder Startup Is Real (Or At Least Now It Is)

Would a fake startup have color coded PostIt Notes? (Photo: Josh Bocanegra)

When Joshua Bocanegra created a landing page for a new app called LoveRoom, he wasn’t expecting to receive 900 potential members’ email addresses, or any online press attention, but he did. We covered it (noting that it wouldn’t be live for a few months), as did a few others. But yesterday, Forbes insisted that LoveRoom was fake, and bad at being fake to boot.

Forbes charged that the Airbnb-esque platform was nothing more than an idea before it was “willed into existence by journalists.” But its founder told us today he’s been planning a dating site for months.

Mr. Bocanegra responded to the hoopla with a post on–what else?–Medium. This afternoon, he emailed us a link to the treatise, entitled “LoveRoom Is Real.” It links to another piece by him entitled,  Read More

The Gamification of Everything

You Think You Know Startups? New Metastartup Turns Startup News Into a Game

eric strait

Remember the metastartups, the companies that exist only because of the burgeoning startup scene? Metastartups are just as viable as regular startups (or more), as it turns out. Take the outrageous success of actual revenue-generating website LaunchRock, the splash page and Twitter spam creator which could only exist in our interesting times. (The case could be made that any Bitcoin service is a metastartup centered around a startup currency.) Betabeat got a note from Eric Strait this morning, Austin-based co-founder of metastartup StartupDelight, which launched itself via LaunchRock in May, at which time we wrote: “StartupDelight lets you back hot trending startups by purchasing their hot company logo gear through special deals-of-the-day. Who is your market? Hot startups! What’s your product? Hot startup gear! Who are you? A startup! Welcome to the all-startup economy: Totally self-sufficient, with a little help from friends.” Read More

Demo Daze

500 Startups Demo Day at General Assembly: Oversubscribed Startups, Cobra Kai-Fives, and White People Problems


The advent of 500 Startups first-ever Demo Day in New York drew a standing room only crowd to General Assembly yesterday for a long night of seed stage pitches and free beer that went an hour past its 9pm bedtime. Betabeat knew we were in the right place when we overheard, “We want to create a better music experience, better than Pandora,” pass for small talk over by the cheese and crackers table. The sight of TechStar’s David Tisch in a backwards baseball cap and khaki shorts (“business shabby” strikes again!) high-fiving Dave McClure was another promising sign.

All of the startups pitching were graduates of Mr. McClure’s 500 Startups, a Mountain View-based accelerator program, and many flew in from the Valley in search of local froth and perhaps a glimpse of the tall buildings. Each co-founder walked out to their own theme music, with soon-to-be baby daddy Jay-Z making a surprisingly popular choice. Read More


SXSW Made GroupMe Break Out

groupme shirt

As if they weren’t smug enough already. New York’s GroupMe was voted the Breakout Digital Trend of South By Southwest by people using the official SXSW mobile app. I have no idea how many people that was, but GroupMe seemed to have the widest adoption and the loudest voice in a very Read More