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Google Is a Supervillan: It’d Be Funnier if It Weren’t True

Superhero or supervillain? (Wikimedia Commons)

We imagine, for a second, that we are writing a movie script.This script features an international technology company run by a pair of charismatic billionaires. It’s omnipresent and yet difficult to define, with deep pockets and huge, high-profile projects that seem to bear only a passing resemblance to actual revenue streams. Most of these projects involve eerily sophisticated methods of finding out as much as possible about everyone on Earth. In recent months, this company has made headlines buying drones, home monitoring software, artificial intelligence, and a firm that makes military robots. Read More


You’re Not Crazy: Gmail Is Down [UPDATE]

Google CEO Larry Page

Did you find yourself in a state of fury this morning because nobody seemed to be responding to your emails? Worse still, did it make you feel unloved and unpopular both personally and professionally?

Well, we can’t actually speak for how your friends and coworkers feel about you, but you can take some solace in the fact that Gmail is experiencing service disruptions. Read More

Planet GOOG

Google Wants Us to Live Forever So We Keep Clicking on their Ads

"Faaame, I'm gonna live forever." (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Forget fighting off the Grim Reaper with devout attendance at the local New York Sports Club and endless self-quantifying. That’s not moonshotty enough for Larry Page. Luckily, he’s got the resources of an enormous American corporation at his disposal, which is how Calico, Google’s new anti-aging initiative, came about.

This isn’t like living through the prologue of a singularitarian novel, nope, not at all. Read More


Larry Page Isn’t Concerned That You’re Concerned About People Wearing Glass Into Restrooms

Not worried. (Photo: Getty/Justin Sullivan)

Obviously the concerns of wearing Google Glass, the Internet-enabled face computer with a built-in camera and Keurig machine, are causing some alarm for privacy advocates. Because these paranoid people figure someone with a lightweight recording device strapped to their head might find some way to do evil, go figure. However, Google’s CEO Larry Page isn’t worried. Read More

Planet GOOG

Hello, Computer! At I/O, Google Debuts Upgraded Maps and ‘Now’ for Desktops

(Photo: Screencap)

Google made no attempt to top last year’s I/O keynote, featuring skydivers. Instead, viewers were treated to a long, rambling meditation on progress from Google CEO Larry Page, who seemed none too keen on talking about Google Glass.

“Technology should do the hard work,” Mr. Page informed us all, “so that people can get on with doing the things that make them happiest in life.” He also suggested that, “being negative is not how we make progress.” Somehow we doubt that outlook inspires Mr. Page to let his underlings off lightly when they screw something up.

The closest thing to a skydiver was when Robert Scoble popped up at the front of the line for Q&A, announcing himself as “one of the first glassholes.” “Robert, I didn’t appreciate the shower picture,” Mr. Page replied.

But there were a few big announcements. Read More