Booting Up: You’d Probably Bail on a Keynote to Watch Some Sailing, Too

This looks p. fun. (Noah Berger/AFP/Getty Images)

Larry Ellison skipped a keynote to watch his team in an America’s Cup race. Because who’s gonna tell that guy no? [Business Insider]

Looks like there’s an MIT computer scientist on this year’s (leaked) list of MacArthur genius grant honorees. [Gawker]

Samsung plans to launch a smartphone with a curved display, progress towards bendy/foldy designs. [Reuters]

Might want to sit down: “Steve Jobs didn’t change the world every two years like clockwork, and he was incrementalism’s grand master.” [Time]

Bow down before the greatness of Myst. [Grantland]

The Rich Are Different

Larry Ellison Saves Malibu From Gross Poor People Food

With a girlfriend like this...  (Photo: Getty)

Oracle chief Larry Ellison has saved Carbon Beach, a section of Malibu, from pink slime burgers and sticky, soda-covered floors by importing a couple of bougie restaurants.

The Hawaiian island overlord is also Carbon Beach’s biggest landowner, so he used his oracular influence to persuade Nobu Matsuhisa to toss the town a sushi resto, The Hollywood Reporter says. Great idea if they’re trying to lure the real Lindsay Lohan, who hasn’t been seen since her evil twin took over in 2004. Read More

The Rich Are Different

Totally Modest Larry Ellison Wants to Turn Lanai Into an ‘Eden in the Pacific’

Mr. Ellison. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Let’s check in with Larry Ellison’s plans for his Hawaiian island of Lanai, shall we? The Wall Street Journal talked to the Oracle founder/overlord, who revealed a few of his schemes for his biggest, shiniest toy yet.

His ideas include an “ultraluxury hotel” (for when mere luxury won’t do), bringing commercial agriculture back to the island (think “the very best gourmet mangos,” “organic wineries,” and perfume made straight from flowers, “like they do in Grasse, France”), and a “sustainability laboratory.”

His first move, though, was to renovate the community pool, because the absolute last thing he needs is a bunch of pissed-off locals. Read More


Booting Up: Now Bloomberg LP Has Its Own Venture Capital Fund, Too

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Has Google Maps ruined travel? (Only if your idea of a fun holiday is wandering the wilderness with only a compass and water bottle.) [Skift]

Bloomberg LP (which owns Bloomberg News) is launching a $75 million venture capital fund, because apparently that sort of thing is NBD now. [New York Times]

Forget over-sharing on the News Feed–teens are on Facebook to chat. [BuzzFeed]

The latest malware campaign to keep security pros up at night: NetTraveler, which in eight years has hit 350 “high-profile” targets across 40 countries. [Ars Technica]

Is Larry Ellison, lover of the high seas, actually terrible for the America’s Cup? [New York Times]



Silicon Valley Apparently Fancies Itself Too Good for Ostentatious Weddings


Sure, Sean Parker is throwing a whimsical wedding destined to be the envy of Charles de Lint-loving teen girls nationwide, but make no mistake: The rest of the tech world does not go in for that sort of thing. So says the New York Times, insisting that Silicon Valley prefers backyards (witness Zuck, Chris Hughes and Larry Ellison’s fourth marriage) and private islands  “with enough security to thwart interlopers by air or sea” (both Google cofounders).

Can’t have any photos leaking via those social-media sites the Valley keeps churning out!

“Ostentatious displays tend to draw more scorn than awe,” the Times argues, and observers agree that the trend isn’t merely the result of techies waiting too late to book their venue, ensuring all the good ones were taken. Read More

Ball So Hard

ICYMI, Larry Ellison Owns a Big Chunk of Malibu Now

Maybe he's just got the soul of a collector.

What’s a guy gotta to do get a little peace and quiet in Tinseltown? One tech billionaire isn’t taking any chances. The L.A. Times reports that Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO and seafarer, has snapped up almost two dozen pieces of property in sunny Malibu. This is in addition to his ownership of the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Hey, in the New Digital Age ™, privacy is the most valuable commodity there is.

According to the Times: Read More

This Happened

Dating Site Offers California Town $11.65M to Change Its Name to, USA


Woodside, California is a quaint, wealthy suburb in San Mateo County, situated about 20 minutes from the tech hub of Palo Alto. Because of its close proximity to big tech companies like Google and Facebook, many wealthy entrepreneurs (including Larry Ellison!) call Woodside home. And now, because of its plethora of eligible rich men, online dating startup, which unites “wealthy, desirable and attractive people,” has offered the town $11.65 million to officially change its name to, USA.

It’s not the worst idea we’ve ever heard. Read More

Ball So Hard

Larry Ellison Buys Hawaiian Airline Because How Else Is He Supposed to Get to His Hawaiian Island?

(Photo: Elite Daily)

Possible sailing cheater and Hawaiian island owner Larry Ellison has added a new item to his collection of things you will never be able to afford, according to Skift: the Hawaiian airline Island Air is now an Ellison possession.

Island Air is a small airline that provides flights between the islands of Hawaii, but we assume the Oracle founder will also be using it as his own private fleet of jets. If you were a kazillionaire, wouldn’t you?


My Dad’s a Tech Billionaire and All I Got Were the Rights to the Lousy Terminator Franchise

Megan Ellison (Photo: IMDB)

What’d you get for the holidays? Maybe some nice new video games? Perhaps your parents heard you talking about “personal betterment via technology” and got you a Nike Fuel Band?

Whatever you received, it was certainly not as good as what Oracle founder Larry Ellison gifted his children last year: daughter Megan Ellison used some of his money to win a bidding war for the rights to the Terminator franchise, with agreements from Justin Lin to direct and Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in it. Read More