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Totally Modest Larry Ellison Wants to Turn Lanai Into an ‘Eden in the Pacific’

Mr. Ellison. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Let’s check in with Larry Ellison’s plans for his Hawaiian island of Lanai, shall we? The Wall Street Journal talked to the Oracle founder/overlord, who revealed a few of his schemes for his biggest, shiniest toy yet.

His ideas include an “ultraluxury hotel” (for when mere luxury won’t do), bringing commercial agriculture back to the island (think “the very best gourmet mangos,” “organic wineries,” and perfume made straight from flowers, “like they do in Grasse, France”), and a “sustainability laboratory.”

His first move, though, was to renovate the community pool, because the absolute last thing he needs is a bunch of pissed-off locals. Read More

Ball So Hard

Larry Ellison Buys Hawaiian Airline Because How Else Is He Supposed to Get to His Hawaiian Island?

(Photo: Elite Daily)

Possible sailing cheater and Hawaiian island owner Larry Ellison has added a new item to his collection of things you will never be able to afford, according to Skift: the Hawaiian airline Island Air is now an Ellison possession.

Island Air is a small airline that provides flights between the islands of Hawaii, but we assume the Oracle founder will also be using it as his own private fleet of jets. If you were a kazillionaire, wouldn’t you?

One Percent Problems

Hawaiians Prepare for Inevitable Larry Ellison Movie ‘I Bought an Island’

George as Captain Larry, god willing. (Photo: IMDB)

Oracle CEO and New York Times-approved eligible bachelor Larry Ellison bought 98 percent of the Hawaiian island Lanai a couple months ago, making him the proud owner of two Four Seasons resorts, a solar farm, a pair of championship golf courses, the firstborn of every female citizen and 10 grass-skirt-bearing virgins.

Thus the Times sent one intrepid reporter down to Hawaii to ask the residents of Lanai how they feel about their new bearded overlord. And their passionate, tension-filled responses sound not unlike the rough draft of next summer’s feel-good land baron dramedy. Read More


Booting Up: The Eligible Bachelor Now Comes With Island Edition


New York Times notable tech bachelor Larry Ellison has purchased 98 percent of Lanai, Hawaii’s largest island. Hawaii’s governor cited Mr. Ellison’s “passion for nature,” as a motivating factor in island ownership. [Guardian]

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