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New Tampon Delivery Startup Discriminates Against Gals with a ‘Heavy Flo’

Discrimination! (Photo: screencap)

There’s a new entry into the oversubscribed subscription market. The Verge reports that today brings the launch of HelloFlo, a startup that’ll ship you a box of necessities once a month. As subscription services go, it’s pretty sensible.

The “Feminine Care” aisle at Duane Reade is among the most dismal places in the world, even when you aren’t awash in a sea of hormones. Read More

Sex and the Valley

The Depressing Gender Gap at the Nation’s Top 71 Venture Capital Firms [SLIDESHOW]

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women and men

Click through the slideshow for a firm-by-firm breakdown of the numbers.

The tech industry was shocked, shocked, when news broke last week that Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers had been accused of discriminating against women in a lawsuit filed by a female partner.

It wasn’t just that a woman was accusing one of the most influential venture capital firms in Silicon Valley of sexism. It was that a woman was accusing Kleiner Perkins of sexism.

Kleiner Perkins, a Sand Hill Road firm that has more than $3 billion in assets under management, has 12 female partners out of 49. That’s a much higher percentage than the industry’s abysmal average, giving the firm a reputation for being progressive. “Overall, when it comes to women in the tech investing space, Kleiner Perkins has historically been perceived as one of the good guys,” wrote Colleen Taylor at TechCrunch.

And yet, the lawsuit filed by investment partner Ellen Pao alleges that, among other things: men were promoted before women; men were allowed to serve on multiple boards, while women were only allowed to serve on one board; men were paid more than women; and there was little support for women who experienced sexual harassment. Kleiner Perkins denied any wrongdoing.

The number of women in top positions is just one metric by which to judge whether a firm is a welcoming place for women to work. Still, it’s a telling one, as a Betabeat survey of the top venture capital firms revealed. Read More

Hello World

Introducing Our Newest Betabeat Staffer: Kelly Faircloth


Please allow me to introduce myself! I’m Kelly, and I’m the latest initiate into the Betabeat coven. Starting today, I’ll be joining Adrianne, Nitasha, and Jessica as a full-time writer and reporter. And just who am I? Previously, I worked at HD Made, where I curated a Tumblr you might recognize for their client NASDAQ. I’ve also blogged for places like io9 and Shelf Awareness. Read More