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Celeb ‘Instassistant’ Has to Be the Most Stressful Fake Job of the 21st Century

Rihanna and her "Instassistant" Melissa Forde in an Instagram pic. (

We civilians are insufferable enough when it comes to having our picture taken for Instagram: “not that one, my face looks fat”; “try again so I can tilt my left cheekbone about 45 degrees east”; “did you get my shoes? I don’t know why you keep not getting my shoes.”

So imagine the psychological trauma inflicted when a famous person–a person whose pictures actually matter–uses Instagram. It happens, and real people are affected. Phoebe Luckhurst of the Standard has coined a term for the sad person stuck taking famous people’s Instagram pics: the “Instassistant.” Read More

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Lady Gaga Begs Her Psychotic Fans to Stop Cyberbullying

Srsly guys chill. (Screengrab: YouTube)

Anybody who’s ever written a mildly critical article, blog post or tweet about Lady Gaga knows that her fans are some of the most fearsome, cutthroat buccaneers on the Internet. If you have the gall to ever critique Ms. Gaga, you should expect a torrent of tweets ripping apart your appearance, your writing style, your resume and probably your mom.

It’s interesting in light of the fact that the pop star is such a firm fixture on the anti-bullying bandwagon. We’ve often wondered if she notices the disconnect herself, and today, through a letter posted on the Tumblr of her Born This Way Foundation, she proved that, yes, she does notice that her fans can be dicks, and she wishes they’d quit it. Read More

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Lady Gaga Copies Jay-Z, Dips Her Monster Claw into Tech with ‘Reverse Warholian’ App

At least the fake horns are gone? (Photo: Facebook)

Lady Gaga is taking a page from Jay-Z’s book, a neat little tome called How to Stay Relevant When Your Best Work May Be Behind You (sorry, #factsonly).

Apparently, the answer is to dabble in tech. She announced last night that her newest album, ARTPOP, will arrive to fans via mobile app. Kind of like that time when Jay-Z did the exact same thing last week. Read More

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Supermodel Coco Rocha’s Social Media Game Is On Some Other Level

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 2.48.08 PM

As a supermodel–and here Betabeat can only conjecture–the product you’re selling, essentially, is you. Your matchstick stems, all the places you go, your cool attitude = you. Therefore, as with most celebrities (and increasingly regular humans) run-of-the-mill personal brand building on social media is directly tied to revenue.

But even if Coco Rocha‘s entire extended Canadian family depended on the number of her Instagram followers, you still have to respect the 24-year-old’s commitment. We discovered as much this afternoon at panel run by Decoded Fashion hosted on the mouth of a runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Read More

Facebook Faceoff

Facebook Purging Fake ‘Likes’ as Promised


Facebook is finally following up on its plan to eliminate the phenomenon of fake page or profile ‘likes’ produced by malware or deception. As CNN reports, this has caused noticeable dips in likes on a number of popular pages, such as those for Lady Gaga, The Simpsons and Zynga’s page for Texas HoldEm Poker. We tried and failed to see if the page for Zuck’s dog Beast had taken a hit during the purge, but with 989,000 likes and counting, we think the adorable Hungarian Sheepdog can rest easy, for now.


In Which Arianna Huffington is Declared the Madonna of the Media Industry

Ms. Huffington (

The post-lunch session of the Guardian Activate Summit kicked off with an interview between Guardian U.S. editor in chief Janine Gibson and a woman whom Ms. Gibson called “the Madonna of our industry:” why Arianna Huffington, of course. Ms. Huffington, who donned a smart navy blue blazer and a perfectly coifed blond bob, introduced herself with some opening remarks about what she called the “fetishization of social.”

“The fetishization of social is celebrating something going ‘trending’ or going ‘viral’ without asking what it is that’s going trending or viral,” said Ms. Huffington. “We all need to do a better job of asking those questions, otherwise we’re going to find ourselves in the same dangerous area that mainstream media have found themselves in, where everything is breaking news. Donald Trump endorsing Mitt Romney, Balloon Boy, all these things.”

We found this comment especially pointed coming from Ms. Huffington, as The Huffington Post just tweeted, “Miley Cyrus saves a dog left outside of Walmart,” a piece that has all the classic elements of a viral story (major celebrity + cute animal + feel-good component) without any of the explanation. We really do need to be asking why Miley Cyrus’ dog saving abilities are going viral, wouldn’t you agree? Read More

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Let Me Upgrade You: Why Is Lady Gaga Using a Blackberry 8500?

The offending technology (via Twitter)

As far as we can gather, Lady Gaga’s entire public persona is a celebration of newness and novelty. Sure, there’s healthy dose of recycled Euro dance beats and a certain nostalgia for the chameleon-like stylings of one Madonna Ciccone, but this is not a chick who wears the same outfit, much less the same flank steak, twice.

Even Gaga’s early-stage startup, Backplane, has taken the innovative approach of actually making money before raising millions from investors. Read More

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Lady Gaga Startup Has Revenue, Raises $4.5 M. From Top Tier Investors

(David Jacobs on Mixel)

Backplane, the startup co-founded by Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter and therefore branding it as the “Lady Gaga startup” forever, has raised $4.5 million from the most elite investors in the Valley and will probably raise a series B soon. The round includes Sequoia Capital, Greylock Discovery Fund, Battery Ventures, Formation 8 and Advance/Newhouse Investment Partnership, reports the Wall Street Journal. Existing investors include Google Ventures, Founders Fund Angel, Menlo Ventures, SV Angel, i/o Ventures, and some angel investors. TomorrowVentures, Eric Schmidt’s fund, was also a seed stage investor. Read More

Startups From the Stars

Lady Gaga Launches Pinterest for Little Monsters


Lady Gaga’s social network,, is in beta, though we’re not sure why. The Gaga-themed Pinterest-like site, in production for more than a year, is black and white and red all over. Users become “fans” of each other and bookmark posts as “inspired.” It’s so Pinterest-y that some bloggers are calling it a ripoff. We eagerly await Farhad Manjoo’s review. Read More