New Rules Crack Down on Rambunctiousness in the Forrst; “I Got Brutal,” Says Founder Kyle Bragger


“There’s been some discomfort recently with some of the perceived quality of posts,” Forrst founder Kyle Bragger wrote this morning in a blog post introducing new community guidelines for the site, a community-dependent Tumblr-esque forum where programmers showcase code and talk shop. “We’re also going to start enforcing a minimum threshold for what we deem a quality post. This does not mean quality in the sense of skill; rather, we are looking for a minimum amount of effort; we’d rather not see posts that clearly had very little effort put into them. That’s not to say that you can or should only post polished design and code, but it does mean that you should be thoughtful about what you’re sharing with the community. Posts that were obviously made in 30 seconds (and indeed, many even have descriptions along the lines of “made in 30 seconds was bored LOL”) won’t likely meet this threshold.” Read More


Forrst Realizes Wait List Almost Half the Size of Userbase; Revamps Invites


This should make some nerds rejoice: Forrst, the Tumblr for coders, just announced an overhaul of its highly-exclusive invite system. “Folks who should be in the community have been subjected to increasingly unreasonable waits—sometimes up to a few months,” the New York-based start-up blogged this afternoon. The wait list had stretched to 13,000 strong–almost half Forrst’s 27k userbase, founder Kyle Bragger told Betabeat. Read More

The Third Degree

Slow Internet Day with Kyle Bragger

kyle bragger

Kyle Bragger is a designer and developer, former CTO of Cork’d and BricaBox, and now the founder of Forrst–you  might have heard that yesterday was also his birthday. Lucky for us, the internet was inexplicably crawling at Dogpatch Labs last week and we got to pick Mr. Bragger’s brain for a while. Read More


Developers Are Hiding Deep In the Forrst


Kyle Bragger’s latest startup, Forrst, started as a side project that just got too popular.

Mr. Bragger started Forrst because he felt self-conscious about talking about coding on Twitter and Tumblr, where many of his followers wouldn’t understand or care.

Forrst is a private, invitation-only blog network for developers. It’s like the Read More