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Anonymous Takes Down Westboro Baptist Church Website


Anonymous is currently executing a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) on the website of the Westboro Baptist Church, GodHatesFags.com. The website is currently inaccessible.

The hacktivist collective launched an operation against the notorious hate group after Westboro announced that they will picket the funerals of victims of Friday’s devastating school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. An Anonymous source told Beteabeat that they intend to continue the DDOS attack throughout the day; he also said that the group plans to gain control of the website and deface it. Read More

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The Battle Over Revenge Porn: Can Hunter Moore, the Web’s Vilest Entrepreneur, Be Stopped?


The king of revenge porn had just slept with a girl on her 18th birthday at an inconspicuous hotel in Chinatown, and he claimed he had the cell phone snap of her driver’s license to prove it. Though he lives in San Francisco, the notorious Hunter Moore was in New York to serve a community service sentence following an incident in which he’d headbutted a go-go dancer.

“I was so coked out,” Mr. Moore told Betabeat, as we made our way from the lobby of his hotel to a Broome Street bar called Lolita. Tall and thin with ink-colored hair and eyes to match, wearing a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his head, Mr. Moore sipped a rum and coke as we slid into a booth toward the back. Black tattoos reached like spiders across his arms.

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