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In the Future, a Computer Will Probably Write this Post

Mr. Hammond (

Like any proud papa, Narrative Science cofounder and CTO¬†Kristian Hammond has ambitions for his article-writing algorithm. In 15 years, he told Wired, 90 percent of news will be computer-generated. In 20 years, there’ll be no topic his company doesn’t cover. He even¬†believes that a computer will win the Pulitzer Prize within five years. Well, it is Big Data Week, after all.

Narrative Science got its start covering the data-driven topics of sports and finance. Then came work from a fast-food company, turning sales figures into regular written reports for franchise-owners. Nowadays, they can even vary tone. Hammond wants to see the company breaking news, though that’ll require investment in data mining and natural language processing. All that leads to a future that looks a little something like this, according to Wired: Read More