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Just $700 Will Buy the Key to Stealing Any Yahoo Email Account


Security expert Brian Krebs dropped a bomb on Yahoo email users last week, though his warning was probably lost in the roar of stories about Black Friday fistfights. According to Mr. Krebs, an Egyptian hacker using the screen name TheHell is selling a Yahoo Mail exploit that could allow an attacker to take over and control a victim’s email and browser activity. TheHell is only charging $700 for the information.

TheHell uploaded a video demonstration to prove he was serious. Mr. Krebs reproduced the video, which you can watch below. Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Chinese Hackers Targeting Major Energy Companies

Chinese flag

Telvent, which provides services that facilitate remote control and monitoring of large sections of the energy industry, may have recently fallen prey¬†to Chinese hackers. While notifications about the Sept. 10 systems intrusion were distributed by Telvent Canada, Ltd., the cyber attack was “sophisticated” and targeted operations in the U.S. and Spain as well as Canada.

Security experts believe the culprits are a group of Chinese hackers who have attacked Western companies in the past.

Krebs on Security explains more about the hack: Read More