sxsw 2014

Unwilling Meme Nicolas Cage Says He’s ‘Not In the Social Media Realm’

Sheer brilliance. (Facebook)

Nicolas Cage, the man whose face launched a thousand memes, publicly addressed his Internet fame at a widely attended SXSW panel in the Austin Convention Center this morning.

Most of Mr. Cage’s conversation, which was led by Joe director David Gordon Green, focused on the renowned actor’s delightfully diverse film career. Thankfully, Mr. Cage also found time to talk a little about #tech. Read More

Web TV

Emmy Award-Winning Internet Fame Professors Debut New Video Service, VHX

VHX boys

For a long time, web video platforms didn’t treat viewing the same way as traditional TV. Each clip was an autonomous unit. Maybe users got a few recommendations after they finished watching a video, but there was no sense of a continuous curated stream of entertainment like there is while watching network TV.

VHX, which launched today, is looking to use your social network to program your web video watching. Users open the service up to their contacts on Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, then get a dashboard of videos pulled from the friends they are following. Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumors & Acquisitions: Image-Based Intelligence


It was a fun week on the internet, wasn’t it guys? We were so giggly over New Work City’s fake decks that we almost neglected our rumor trafficking! So we cast a wide net with this week’s shameless rumor soliciting, and came back with a wide range of live, squirming items from all over the start-up sea. Enjoy:

Adam Neary’s tell-all blog post about Profitably’s exhausting quest for funding made a big splash this week in the normally hypersensitive climate of the New York start-up scene. Founders and VCs have been muttering, speculating to Betabeat that the post was unwisely frank, especially in its discussion of the institutional New York Angels. Will our hero suffer a backlash?

Zach Greenberger, the New York developer behind the fastest-growing Facebook application in January, Profile Banner, was recently the victim of a Hong Kong-based Facebook app syndicate. Read More