Do It For the Kiddies

Get Linsane with Alexis Ohanian: Donate to Win Two Tickets to the Knicks with Reddit’s Cofounder


Finally, there’s a feel-good reason to keep the Jeremy Lin puns coming. SeatGeek and Breadpig have teamed up to give away two tickets to the Knicks-Cavalier’s game at Madison Square Garden next Wednesday, February 29th  . . . aaaaaand the chance to experience the Linsanity alongside Reddit cofounder and “all around good guy” Alexis Ohanian. (Those aren’t scare quotes, Mr. Ohanian really is the nicest, but we like that goodness is listed as part of his appeal.)

The philanthropic collabo is being facilitated by  Mr. Ohanian told Betabeat that he will soon be joining the startup’s advisory board. “WOO for NY startups,” he emailed. Since this is for a good cause, we’ll refrain from asking him to step away from the pom-poms. Anyone who makes a donation of $10 or more towards physical education projects in New York City schools is eligible to win the tickets. The initiative, which did a soft launch last Friday, has already raised $1,561. Deadline for donations is next Monday at midnight. Read More

SOPA Opera

Arrrrr, #Screwcable! Blackout Forces Fred Wilson to Pirate The Knicks. What Would Congress Think?


The ongoing feud between MSG Networks and Time Warner Cable means many New Yorkers can’t watch the Knicks, even if they are paying for cable. And while you can shell out extra for NBA League pass, which is supposed to let you watch every game online, Knicks games are blacked out on that service when the team is playing at home.

It’s enough to drive a respected venture capitalist to open piracy. Last night Union Square Ventures Fred Wilson, who pays for both Time Warner and NBA League Pass already, asked his legions of Twitter followers for help finding a way to watch the game. Shortly thereafter he tweeted out the picture below with the comment, “thanks everyone for your help on streaming the knicks game.Read More