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‘Everything Is a Remix': This Explains Everything Happening In New York’s Start-Up Scene Right Now

kirby ferguson

The ideas episode, the third installment of New York-based filmmaker Kirby Ferguson’s “Everything Is a Remix” project is out (via Jason Kottke) and everyone in and around the New York tech scene should watch. Using the development of the personal computer as an example, Mr. Ferguson talks about how innovations in technology come about after years of slow building, followed by imitation and heavy “borrowing” from other inventors–maybe mixed with new ideas, maybe not.

This explains why New York tech companies are emerging–all the hardcore engineering technology of smart phones, APIs and cheap cloud hosting now exists, so the designers and businessmen who have traditionally thrived in New York are perfectly positioned to remix and combine these technologies into Foursquares and Tumblrs, Touts and Speakergrams, GroupMes and Joinables, and so on. Read More