Booting Up: Using Apple Products Ain’t as Easy as It Used to Be Edition

"Iz not 'out of the box' experience I wuz promised." (Photo:

BuzzFeed has purchased Kingfish Labs, a company specializing in Facebook data. This is probably the strategic equivalent of that point in the pandemic movie where the virus mutates, goes airborne, and gets really serious. [Business Insider]

“While it used to be that Apple was the brand which uncomplicated computing, for me, anyway, that’s simply no longer true.” [John Battelle]

Bad news, Android users: More than 50 percent of devices contain “unpatched vulnerabilities.” [BGR]

Maine is home to the first electricity-generating tidal turbine in America.  [Portland Press Herald]

This Mennonite community is just about the last bunch of people left in the world who don’t look at a camera and start automatically posing for a Facebook cover photo. [Wired]

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Former HuffPostie Launches First Indie Project;, a Facebook Dating App that Raised $500K

Download, and you could be kissing your very own New York tech bachelor. (Twitter)

Rob Fishman, former Huffington Post social media editor and eligible New York tech bachelor, has formally launched, the app that raised half a million dollars from investors for a better Facebook-based dating experience. “There’s this awkward moment when you’re on a date and you say, ‘I’m actually working on a dating website,'” the entrepreneur told the New York Post.

Mr. Fishman’s new startup, Kingfish Labs, is working out of Lerer Ventures “with lots of other HuffPo alums,” the founder told Betabeat by Twitter direct message. Mr. Fishman cofounded the company with Jeff Revesz, whose company Adaptive Semantics was acquired by Huffington Post in 2009. is already getting a few happy reviews. Jacob Weisberg at Slate likes it! But what’s it got that the myriad other Facebook dating apps ain’t got?  Read More