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No-Fun Instagram Blocks Hashtags Used for Selling Drugs

No word yet on what this means for the medium's most famous stoner. (Photo:

Sorry, dope fiends. Instagram is no longer allowing searches for terms associated with selling drugs through the app, the BBC reports.

Normally, Instagram only reprimands users for drug-related content if their posts are reported as being inappropriate, the BBC says. The company believes it’s “impractical and invasive” to search for, say, kids at music festivals pushing molly via hashtag. Read More


Pheeding Phrenzy: New Star-Studded Social Network Pheed Launches an iPhone App


Mr. Kobo (Photo: Admin5)

Launched just two weeks ago, the Los Angeles-based social networking startup Pheed has already seen a fair amount of ink spilled over it, perhaps most notably in a Forbes piece which wondered if the hyped platform was “the new Twitter.” With an iPhone app released today, that buzz is bound to build. But O.D. Kobo, a longtime internet entrepreneur and Pheed’s cofounder, argues that these comparisons are moot, and that Pheed is in fact blazing a brave new trail in the social networking world.

“I read one journalist compare us to,” he told Betabeat, sounding slightly mystified. “We’re original. I think that’s obvious.” Read More

App for That

GroupMe Won Mindshare Wars at SXSW


The group texting app most talked about at SXSW, at least on Twitter, which is what really counts, was GroupMe. That’s according to some analysis from folks at the interactive Pop Agency.

Pop looked at tweets from March 11-15 about GroupMe, Beluga, Fast Society, Kik and Yobongo. Not only did GroupMe garner the most chatter, 19 percent of that chatter was positive, nearly double the next most popular. Read More


Union Square and RRE Invest In Messaging App Kik


New York’s GroupMe and Fast Society have been getting a lot of attention recently as competition heats up in the group texting market. But two of New York’s most prominent venture firms have just chosen an app based in Waterloo, Ontario as their choice in this crowded field.

Union Square Ventures and Read More