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Apparently Now People ‘Crowdfund’ Their Moves to NYC

Scenery ain't cheap, kids. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Look, New York is a tough town. The rent is too damn high, you’ve got to sell a liver to buy groceries and let’s not even discuss the cost of booze. It helps to move here with a little nest egg. And so the latest crop of newcomers has turned to a particularly zeitgeist-y solution: Crowdfunding. 

According to AM New York, “young creative types” are turning to sites like GoFundMe, palms out to receive crisp bills in the denomination of your choice:  Read More

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Alicia Keys Shrugs off Scheduling Snafus to Talk About Her New Storybook App for Children


Alicia Keys was having a pretty annoying Wednesday afternoon. Right before Betabeat was set to talk to Ms. Keys, she ran off to the bathroom, seemingly to escape  the incessant schedule changes a Flatiron PR firm kept throwing at her. The company had set up a series of interviews with the R&B songstress to promote her new iPad and iPhone app, The Journals of Mama Mae & LeeLee, but the junket wasn’t proceeding quite as planned.

The app is storybook adventure, filled with interactive narratives, piano playing and journal writing–fit for any kid with a little creative flair, or what we imagine Ms. Keys must have been like as a little girl. Read More

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Man, Microsoft Interns Are Really, Really Excited About Their Jobs

More like Steve "Baller," are we right? (

Hang on to anything long enough, and it’ll eventually become cool again. Prominent illustrations include bell-bottoms, 70s stadium rock, and, apparently, Microsoft. Reuters talked to some of Microsoft’s 1,500 (!!) summer interns, and man, these kids are psyched. One straight-up says, “Microsoft feels cool again.” Also, they really seem to believe in the company:

Microsoft’s keen new interns already think their competitors’ days are numbered, branding Google and Facebook as “creepy” because of their aggressive stance on privacy and heavy reliance on advertising.

“What kind of business model is that, shoving ads in peoples’ faces?” said one Microsoft intern, who asked not to be named.

Well, you know what this means: Time to GET ON YOUR FEET! Read More

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Look, a Couple of Teenagers Who Don’t Care About Facebook

Actually, where can we get those glasses? (

Bad news, guys. The LA Times thinks Facebook might be losing its cool factor among the youth. And once you lose the teenagers, well, you’ve basically lost the Internet. That’s how it works, right?

Reports the Times:

With more than 900 million users, Facebook remains the most popular online hangout. But some young people are turning their attention elsewhere. They are checking out new mobile apps, hanging out on Tumblr and Twitter, and sending plain-old text messages from their phones. Their goal is to hook up with smaller circles of friends and share their thoughts and feelings away from the prying eyes of Mom and Dad.

Except, well, the numbers aren’t really there to support such a sweeping conclusion. Says one researcher: “Just because teens are using other services like Twitter and Tumblr more — and they are using these services in huge amounts — doesn’t mean they’re using Facebook less.” Also, 93 percent of teens who use social networking sites have a Facebook account.  Read More