Do It For Me

New ‘Do It For Me’ Startup Done. Lets You Employ the Apple Guy Down the Street


Done. is a New York-based startup that connects regular people with other regular people who are willing to pay them to do things. Things like “plan a party,” “learn something,” “help with my pet,” and our favorite, “help with tech,” because everyone knows the best way to get to know your neighbor is to hit them up for IT support.

Done., which raised almost a million in an oversubscribed round last year from investors including Khosla Ventures, Thrive Capital and angels including Harvard Business School professors Bill Sahlman and Joseph Bower, launched with a team of 12 and 100 “doers,” including Apple consultant Brendan Perreault, who in addition to making slow MacBook Pros fast again has the added bonus of being kind of a stud. Read More