This Happened

Want to Work at Fitocracy? Just Attach Shirtless Selfies to Your Resume

(Photo: Hire Kenny Yang)

Fitocracy, the gamified fitness app that boasts a Dick, Wang and Cocken on its staff roster, has just added a new intern to the team; sadly, his name is Kenny Yang, so dreams of building out a staff with names derived solely from penis synonyms have flown right out the window.

Mr. Yang did, however, score the position in a rather atypical way. In order to prove his devotion both to Fitocracy and the healthy lifestyle it promotes, Mr. Yang created a single-serving website called “Hire Kenny Yang,” complete with not one, not two, but six shirtless photos of himself. The photos illustrate Mr. Yang’s progression from 260-pound high school student to ripped-as-fuck “level 25 ninja.” Read More