All Covered With Vines

One Year In, Vine Is the Millennials’ Answer to Saturday Night Live

Nicholas Megalis turned his hit Gummy Money Vine into a full length song that climbed the iTunes charts. (Screengrab:

When Vine was launched on this day last year, many self–proclaimed social media experts scoffed. They assumed it would be used like a live–action Instagram, full of insufferable brunches, FOMO–inducing party pics, and narcissistic selfies.

But the network unexpectedly turned into a huge platform for burgeoning comedians. These “Vine celebs” were unknowns last year, and now make a living by being funny on the year–old network. Read More

The Year Observed

The 13 Most Internet Things of 2013


While some people may have spent 2013 paying attention to current events, fashion or culture, we at Betabeat spent the past 12 months absorbing dumb Internet things, as always. What makes a thing an Internet thing? It has to be something that wouldn’t have occurred pre-Internet, and it has to be absurd. Read More