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Rumor Roundup: Media Snapchat Sexting Ring Gets TechCrunch Hot and Bothered

(Photo: Tumblr)

Oh you fancy, huh? Turns out doing PR for Tumblr, despite the site’s numerous recent outages, has its advantages. Katherine Barna, who works in communications for the blogging platform, got the chance to meet President Obama and the first lady at the White House, and she has the Christmas-themed snap to prove it. Wonder how many jealous reblogs this pic will spawn? Read More

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Stand Down: Tumblr Denies Putting the Kibosh Specifically on NSFW Blogs

My God, will they have to ban Tumblr?

Tumblr has long been a not-so-secret hub for sexy photos. But as the company stumbles to maturity–lo, something that looks like a real monetization plan!–could it be that the steady stream of T&A is not long for this world? TechCrunch reports that three sites in particular–“Art Or Porn?,” “Booty Of The Day” and ““– have suddenly and mysteriously gone dark.

Could we have a case of foul play on our hands? Tumblr says nope–just a case of overzealous anti-spam efforts.  Read More