And Then He Pinned Me

Cops Now Pinning Mugshots to Pinterest Because the Police Can Be Aspirational Too

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Few social networks are as adroit at triggering man’s aspirational impulse as Pinterest. Of course, different people covet different things. In the case of police departments in fourteen cities–including Pottstown, Penn., Kansas City, Mo. and now Philadelphia–Buzzfeed reports that cops are using Pinterest to advertise what want to catch: criminals. Read More

Planet GOOG

Google Fiber Makes the Internet Go Down Easier

Google Fiber

For weeks, Google has been teasing us with a landing page for “Google Fiber.” With a name like that, one might picture a roughage-based breakfast (Googl-Os!) or something better left to the laxative aisle in your friendly, neighborhood Duane Reade.

But the moniker actually refers to the company’s plans to offer Kansas City residents its own experimental brand of ultra high-speed Internet access. And it’s finally here! Read More

This Will Not Stand

Google Trumpets New Initiative With Terrible Cover of Classic Song

Screen Shot 2012-07-24 at 3.07.00 PM

Google flips the switch on its experimental high-speed Internet network in Kansas City on Thursday, and to celebrate, the company has released one of its cutesy commercials.

Unfortunately, we are too distracted by the travesty that is that abysmally bad cover of the Leiber and Stoller classic “Kansas City” to even pay attention to the content. Via AllThingsDRead More