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Two Year Startup ‘Apprenticeship’ Program: Innovative or Exploitative?

Ms. Ittycheria and Mr. Sarhan.

Want to spend two years working full-time at Thrillist, Learnvest or Birchbox for free? If Enstitute’s campaign on Indiegogo is successful, a group of 18- to 24-year-olds will be heading to New York City for a two-year unpaid apprenticeship at a startup, with living costs covered.

Higher education is a ripoff that leaves graduates indebted and often jobless, Enstitute says, in contrast to its plannedĀ “two-year, full time experiential learning program,” which places students at startups in New York where they shadow a founder for a year and then specialize in one area such as sales or product design for the second year. Read More