Juicy Vanity Fair Takedown Chronicles That Time Steve Ballmer Called Eric Schmidt ‘A Fucking Pussy’

We detect a spot of photoshop. (Photo: vanityfair.com)

Don’t be dissuaded by the sight of Alec Baldwin’s smug mug on the cover: Vanity Fair‘s August issue contains a dishy doozy of a Microsoft story, chronicling rampant infighting and embarrassing strategic blunders. It’s not online yet, but we found a physical copy at this thing called a “newsstand.” And it’s a pretty handy gloss on how Microsoft managed to find itself embarrassingly far behind in anything remotely resembling mobile and, more importantly, how the company frittered away its King of the World status.

The article (which is worth reading in full and best enjoyed with a tub of movie popcorn) painstakingly outlines Microsoft’s flailing in mobile, search and–ouch–operating systems. Turns out a lot of those stereotypes about big, slow-moving companies are dead-on.  Read More