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Anonymous Hacker Claims to Have Released JSTOR Documents That ‘Aaron Swartz Died to Bring to the World’

(Screencap: Twitter)

An anonymous hacker going by the Twitter handle @TylerSec has published a post on PasteBin claiming to have released 33 GB of JSTOR documents via his own leak network, Tyler Leaks. If the documents are in PDF format and are around 50-75 pages each, that’s about 22,500 academic papers dumped. The leak comes in response to the death of hacker hero Aaron Swartz who was facing a federal sentence for “stealing” academic papers from JSTOR.

Gawker writer Adrian Chen notes that the leak could be of the same documents released by Wikimedia contributor Greg Maxwell in 2011. “There’s a good chance that this Anonymous leak of JSTOR documents is an old dump from last year,” he tweeted.
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Booting Up: How Would You Like to Go on a Crazy Blind Date?

"It's called 'Crazy Blind Date.'" (Photo: Derek Rose)

Internet dating not delivering the same thrill it used to? OKCupid would like you to try out a new service called “Crazy Blind Date,” which lets users arrange to meet people they don’t know much about it. It may sound like a Kate Hudson vehicle, but we assure you it’s not. Not yet, anyway.  [AllThingsD]

A group of online anarchists, wait, sorry, archivists, released a Javascript-based bookmarklet that lets users “liberate” a public domain article from JSTOR in memorial to the late Internet activist Aaron Swartz. [ArsTechnica]

The word on Wall Street is that Michael Dell is looking at a deal to take his company private, a move which may free the PC-maker from the attentions of profit-hungry investors and give the company room to shift its strategy to better compete in mobile and cloud computing.  [Bloomberg]

The Feds says that Kim Dotcom’s entrapment claims are baseless. Mr. Dotcom says he’s going to unveil a new file-sharing service on January 19, the one-year anniversary of his arrest. [Wired]

Is Y Combinator funding the future of Windows spam? [IStartedSomething]

In case you forgot, Facebook is holding a press conference today, fueling speculation that Zuck & Co. will announce a new product. One guess: Search. [Pocket-lint]

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Wife of Creative Commons Founder Seeking Donations for Aaron Swartz’s Legal Defense

Troll Face IRL (Photo: Creative Commons)

Yesterday, we told you about the new charges being brought against early Reddit employee and activist coder Aaron Swartz. He’s now facing 13 federal counts after allegedly downloading large portions of JSTOR, an academic database filled with articles and data, in order to release it to the public for free use.

Today it seems that Mr. Swartz has a potentially influential ally in his corner–Bettina Neuefeind, wife of Creative Commons founder Larry Lessig. Read More

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Early Reddit Employee Aaron Swartz Charged with 13 Felonies for Downloading Academic Docs

Mr. Swartz (Photo: Wikipedia)

You may remember activist coder Aaron Swartz, an early Reddit employee who was charged with four felonies last year for daring to illegally download academic articles off of JSTOR through the MIT network. Now, the 25-year-old Mr. Swartz, who serves as the executive director of the progressive political action committee Demand Progress, has been charged by the federal government with nine more felonies for breaching hacking laws, bringing the total to 13. Read More