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Local IBM Consultant Launches Unofficial Swag Store In His Spare Time


It’s still too early to say what the future holds for, but it certainly seems to be accumulating the markers of success very quickly. Copycats? Check. Partnerships with industry its trying to disrupt? Check. Celebrity endorsements? Check, check, check! And now it looks like Turntable’s picked-up another: a satellite start-up hoping to cash in on Turntable’s go-go juice.

Late last night, Josh Luber sent out an email to folks who had signed-up the’s splash page we told you about awhile back announcing that the store had opened. In a little box at the top, it says, “This site is not affiliated with” Although lookalike shares similar attributes, we’re not sure yet whether the shop has or needs permission to use the exact avatars. (Some people can get pretty litigious about these types of things).┬áBut the shop has received a retweet from the Turntable crew, so it looks like Mr. Luber may be in the clear.

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