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Ask Josh Harris: A Fireside Chat on the Future of Media

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This week we present a special live event edition of Ask Josh Harris in partnership with General Assembly.

Josh Harris sat forward in his chair, eyeing the circle of young men gathered around him in a tight circle of chairs. It was a little after 7 p.m. and Mr. Harris had just brewed a fresh mug of coffee. “I’m just going to rap at you cats for a while and let you know what I’ve been working on,” he told the group of young entrepreneurs. “Then you can let me know if you see the big picture.” Read More

Class Is in Session

Ask Josh Harris: Is My VC Two Timing Me?

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Dear Josh – The venture capital fund that led our last round just invested in a company that may compete for the same market. Does this mean our backers have lost confidence in us? We’ve been thinking about pivoting the company to refocus a bit. Would now be a good time for a strategic shift? And should we confront our investors about the potential conflict?

Sincerely, Sibling Rivalry Read More

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Ask Josh Harris! What Happens To Me After I Get Acquired?

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Dear Josh – I’m stuck on a tough decision. A major corporation wants to acquire my startup. It would mean my co-founders and I never have to worry about money again. But who knows what will happen to our company if we merge with a big entity and move out to Redmond. Should I take the offer?

Sincerely, Sleepless over Seattle Read More