Booting Up: Sheryl Sandberg is Leaning in on Women, Work and Leadership


Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill once asked Sheryl Sandberg if she was a “pom-pom girl.” If Mr. O’Neill were alive today, the Facebook COO would tell him she’s “a pom-pom girl for feminism,” she writes in her forthcoming book [WSJ]

Talk about chutzpah. An Indian website plagiarized articles on medical research, then filed a DCMA request with WordPress to pull the originals down. [ArsTech nica]

Hewlett-Packard is planning on “taking full advantage” of Dell’s transition to a private company. [Deal Journal]

Somebody had to go and point out that zip, zero, not a single member of the billion-dollar startup club is based in New York. [Crain’s New York Business]

Jon Stewart on Vine: “Every time there’s a human advancement, it is used almost immediately for porn.” [AllThingsD]

Visiting Dignitaries

The Inimitable Christopher Walken Says He Doesn’t Have a Computer. Why Would He?

"WHAT?" -- everyone. (screencap)

What does actor Christopher Walken have in common with rap legend DMX? Apparently neither gives a single, solitary fuck about keeping up with the Internet.

Last Night, Mr. Walken appeared on the Daily Show to promote his latest flick. Noting that Mr. Walken is hard to get hold of, Jon Stewart asked whether he’s a technofile. “No, I missed all that,” the oddball actor replied. Read More


HuffPo Cofounder Ken Lerer Launches Stealthy Online Video News Startup for the Jon Stewart Set


Huffington Post cofounder Ken Lerer is apparently at work on a stealthy startup aimed to “attract a generation of Web natives who watch Jon Stewart but not CNN or Fox News,” reports Peter Kafka at AllThingsD. Internet locals who love Jon Stewart and loathe cable news . . . wait, is he talking about Betabeat??

The startup is so stealth it doesn’t even have a name yet, although it’s already hiring. The service will function as a joint venture between Lerer Ventures, Mr. Lerer’s seed stage VC firm, and Bedrocket Media Ventures, the video studio and incubator he cofounded shortly after selling HuffPo to AOL for a cool $315 million. Read More