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Two Alleged Underage Victims Sign Onto Revenge Porn Lawsuit Against and GoDaddy

Ms. Toups (Photo: Twitter)

John S. Morgan, the lawyer helping victims of revenge porn site launch a class action suit against the site and its host, announced today that two more women have signed on to the claim. Unlike Hollie Toups, the 32-year-old Beaumont, Texas resident who came forward in order to encourage others to confront their struggles with revenge porn, these two victims are allegedly underage. New allegations of child pornography further muddle the already complex case–the most aggressive legal action taken against revenge porn thus far. Read More

XXX in Tech

Victims of Revenge Porn Mount Class Action Suit Against GoDaddy and

Ms. Toups being filmed for a video news segment about her experience with revenge porn. (Photo: Instagram/h0lliewood)

“I don’t think that society really realizes how rampant it is,” Sarah, a victim of revenge porn, told Betabeat in a feature we wrote last month about the effort to put a stop to sites that take intimate photos of women and publish them without their permission. “And right now,” she added, “there’s not a lot that victims can do about it.”

Last week, however, several women–some affiliated with Sarah’s organization, End Revenge Porn–joined a class action lawsuit with the hopes of taking down a prominent revenge porn website. Read More