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Sorry, Suckers: Montreal Production Company Secures Rights to Inevitable John McAfee Biopic

Like Romeo and Juliet. (Photo: Robert King/Vice)

When not blogging from a prison cell, antivirus software creator John McAfee is reportedly busy planning the next iteration of his media blitz: The Hollywood Reporter writes that Mr. McAfee has successfully sold his life rights to a TV production company called Impact Future Media.

Mr. McAfee has skillfully played the media these past few months, getting a Wired reporter to speak on his behalf and telling his story to Gizmodo before inviting Vice to join him in his escape from Belize. That decision ended with his capture when a Vice employee published an iPhone photo still containing the metadata that revealed his location. Mr. McAfee still managed to temporarily convince Vice‘s photographer to lie for him. Read More


Booting Up: The Zuckerbergs Cook Breakfast Edition


The Securities and Exchange Commission is considering a civil action against Netflix after CEO Reed Hastings posted on Facebook in June that the company’s customers would soon view 1 billion hours of content a month. Mr. Hastings posted his thoughts on the SEC investigation on Facebook. [Facebook]

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Booting Up: Tim Cook Has Feelings Too Edition

Space! (Photo: NASA)

Tim Cook’s not sure where you all got the idea he’s robotic. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

He also confirmed Apple is bringing some manufacturing back to the U.S. No guarantees how much, though. [Bloomberg News]

Get psyched for Skype voice messages. [The Verge]

Hey Best Buy (and all other mega corporations): Maybe don’t assume you can just rip off a startup’s proprietary technology? [Redeye VC]

International fugitive John McAfee has been apprehended in Guatemala, reportedly for entering the country illegally. No word on whether the Vice guys are screwed. [New York Times]

Michael Arrington is very peeved at Instagram pulling Twitter integration. So peeved he felt it necessary to slap on a Winnie the Pooh hat and write a rant. [TechCrunch]

This is what the earth looks like at night. [NASA]


Which Techie Ex-Pat Is the Bigger Pain in the Neck: John McAfee or Kim Dotcom?

Your move! (Photos: Instagram/Kim_Dotcom; Vice)

It’s confirmed: Antivirus pioneer John McAfee has made it out of Belize (his 20-year-old girlfriend and a couple of Vice yahoos in tow) and into Guatemala, where he is now petitioning for asylum. What’s more, according to the latest post to his blog, he would like to please meet the prime minister of Belize on neutral ground to work through their supposed “mutual issues.”

Which inspires us to wonder which techie ex-patriot is the bigger pain in the butt: McAfee, or Megaupload mastermind Kim Dotcom. If you were an immigration official required to admit one of these loudmouthed, trouble-making characters, who would you choose?

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McAfee Speaks

John McAfee Is Safe in Guatemala and Ready To Wed His Child Bride

Get an eyeful, suckers. (Robert King/Vice)

The sordid tale of John McAffe’s flight from the Belizean police has had a little bit of everything. Poisoned dogs, automatic weapons, disgusting disguises, bath salts—to say nothing of the fake North Korean passport, benighted rants on political corruption Central America-style, even a lesson on the importance of wiping GPS data from your iPhone pics when on the lam. One thing it’s lacked: True Love.

Oh sure, Mr. McAfee has blogged on Belize’s bar-girl culture, and offered a seemingly honest accounting of his own relationships with young, impoverished women. (“Many have commented that these women were only with me because of my money – a fact that I have to agree with,” he blogged on November 19 title “Love and Deception.”)

Well, there’s nothing like a few weeks on the run to let romance blossom. Read More

McAfee Speaks

John McAfee Is in Guatemala, Suckers

(Photo: Vice)

Today, Vice announced that it had managed to track down antivirus king John McAfee after he’d safely escaped Belize while wanted for questioning related to the murder of his neighbor. In smug hipster fashion, the online mag published a post called “We Are With John McAfee Right Now, Suckers,” along with a photo showing Vice editor in chief Rocco Castoro posing sans smile next to a cross-armed Mr. McAfee.

But it turns out that Vice may have forgotten to scrub the EXIF data from the photo they uploaded. In fact, the photo’s geolocation info shows that Mr. McAfee & Co. appear to be seeking safe harbor near Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Read More

According to McAfee

John McAfee Escapes Belize With Aid of Body Double, North Korean Passport


In the future, we won’t need tired spy franchises. The entertainment industry will simply sign up adventurous publicity hunters to create the type of reality viewing experience you might get if you crossed The Game with Total Recall and the Amazing Race.

And when that great day comes, who better to produce the show than John McAfee, the antivirus pioneer and self-promoter extraordinaire who has been publicizing his month-long lam from the Belizean police in blog posts, social media and interviews with the seemingly never-ending line of journalists to travel to the Central American nation seeking interviews.

The latest: Read More