Booting Up: T-Mobile CEO Hates Cell Phone Carriers Just As Much As You Do

The future. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons,by ScaredPoed)

T-Mobile CEO John Legere spoke bluntly about his competitors: “This industry blows. It’s just broken. It needs change.” So, the company is paying people’s early termination fees if they switch over. [Ars Technica]

Some say drones are the future, but BlackBerry thinks it’s keyboards. [Recode]

If you’re judging by the reviews, everybody loves Yahoo’s News Digest app. Most likely because they’re all fake. [BuzzFeed FWD]¬†

Last year, music streaming increased 32 percent while sales of albums and singles dipped 6.3 percent. Disturbingly, the most-streamed song was “Harlem Shake” so think about that for a while. [WSJ]

Yahoo is looking to spend cable-like money (think $1 to $2 million an episode) on original shows to finally get people to notice it. [AdWeek]

Party Report

T-Mobile CEO Escorted Out of AT&T’s Party For Getting Way Too Excited About Macklemore

Mr. Legere, being wacky on right. (Photo: Twitter)

What happens when you mix two rival CEOs, a soiree and Macklemore? The lamest party report ever, but here it goes: Recode reports that T-Mobile CEO John Legere was kicked out of AT&T’s party last night after he was caught creeping on enemy turf.

Mr.¬†Legere, who has made it clear he wants to obliterate his rivals, showed up at AT&T’s party at the Palms Hotel wearing a shirt embossed with T-Mobile’s logo. Apparently that wasn’t party appropriate attire because security spotted Mr. Legere and asked him to leave and was escorted off hotel property. Read More