Summer Fun

Here Is Your Black Out-Inducing Drinking Game for JOBS

Did you bring your preferred spirits?

Today, Ashton Kutcher’s take on Steve Jobs hits theaters. There’s a good chance many of you will decide to check it out. But you’ll probably want to be prepared, right? And by that we mean smuggle a flask of whisky into a late-night showing. It definitely seems like Woz could’ve used a drink while watching.

Just in case, here is a handy drinking game. Feel free to cue it up on your phone and play along the theater, but only if you’re sitting next to Hunter Walk, of course.

Take a drink whenever you see: Read More

Apple in Your Eye

People With ‘That 70s Look’ Needed for Increasingly Pathetic Steve Jobs Biopic


Oh look, someone at Forbes found this vaguely sad Craigslist ad soliciting extras for a “movie on Steve Jobs” filming next week in Palo Alto. Cult of Mac and Gizmodo both conjecture that, probably based on the general paltriness of Craigslist extra trawling, the ad is for serial entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, though it doesn’t explicitly state that. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Aaron Sorkin is Officially Doing a Steve Jobs Biopic

Mr. Sorkin (

One Steve Jobs biopic isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? TWO Steve Jobs biopics. At least according to Hollywood.

Though it’s been widely-rumored since late last year, a press release issued by Sony Pictures yesterday confirmed what is either your worst nightmare or dream come true, depending on how pearl-clutchy you are about the tech industry: Aaron Sorkin will be adapting Walter Isaacson’s bestselling biography of Steve Jobs for Sony Pictures. We’re positive it will be every bit as packed with heavy-handed dramatic irony and “so bad it’s good” euphoria as The Social Network is. Read More