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Don’t Listen to Anyone Who Tells You Facebook is Going to Charge

This is a thing that is bullshit. (Photo: Sophos)

As per the good scam-and-spam-fighting folks at Sophos, there’s a new hoax making the rounds on Facebook. Or rather, an old hoax has resurfaced, slightly modified and fueled by the never-ceasing underlying fear that one day, Facebook will begin charging access to the social network.

Anything but that! Don’t make us pay to look at pics of high school classmates’ wedding photos!

The message in question blares in all caps: Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Los Angeles Residents Can’t Tell the Difference Between the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5

(Photo: YouTube)

Was it really only yesterday that we watched with muted glee as Apple fanboys everywhere lost their shit over a phone that is only mildly different from its now much cheaper predecessor? My, how time flies.

The iPhone 5 is slightly lighter and slightly longer than the iPhone 4s, but apparently even Apple fans can’t really discern the difference. Jimmy Kimmel brought an iPhone 4s out on the streets of Los Angeles and told everyone he encountered that it was an iPhone 5. Read More