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Petition for Tumblr to Stop ‘Alienating Their Entire Userbase’ Gets More Than 18,000 Signatures

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Late last week, David Karp announced a number of changes to Tumblr triumphantly billed as “An upgrade, years in the making…” In order to make room for “BIG new” features, such as customizable drag-and-drop photoset creation, faster uploads, and inline reblogging, he said, “we’ve reduced creation on Tumblr to its essence, while carrying over every single feature.”

But a number of Tumblr users–more than 18,000 of them, in fact–don’t see the change as an improvement. They’ve signed a petition on Change.org–a platform more typically used to advocate for social justice–to “Undo the 1/24/2013 update that screwed up the posting procedure.” Read More

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Missing E Developer Keeps Trying to Work With Tumblr But Tumblr Isn’t Having It

Mr. Cutlr.

Jeremy Cutler, the developer of the fast-iterating and popular Tumblr add-on Missing e, still hopes to negotiate a compromise with the blogging network.

Last week, Tumblr told Mr. Cutler to stop distributing the extension–a free download, although Mr. Cutler gets some donations from happy users–or Tumblr would delete his personal blog in retaliation.

“Browser extensions that materially modify Tumblr’s experience are currently forbidden by our Terms of Service and it is imperative that any such modifications follow Tumblr’s Application Developer and API License Agreement,” Tumblr’s counsel Ari Shahdadi wrote in an email to Mr. Cutler outlining Tumblr’s 11 objections, including that various features violate the Terms of Service, developer and API agreements, employ page scraping and duplicate Tumblr functionality.

Mr. Cutler had proposed making certain changes addressing some of Tumblr’s objections, but the startup seems uninterested in a compromise. On Friday, Tumblr requested that Mr. Cutler shut down Missing e within ten days. Read More

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Tumblr Threatens to Shut Down ‘Missing E’ Developer’s Personal Tumblr

This is all highly unofficial.

Things don’t look good for Canadian developer Jeremy Cutler, who created a popular browser extension that modifies the Tumblr interface in several neat ways, including tweaks to the navigation, the ability to reblog yourself as well as a faster way to add tags and replies, a feature that opens all posts from the dashboard in a new tab, and on and on. “Missing e” has been shared 800 times via Twitter, 3,000 times via Facebook and 240 times via Google+. But Tumblr-proper is unhappy about the extension because it interferes with control over user experience (among other reasons), and has threatened to shut down Mr. Cutler’s personal Tumblr if he doesn’t cease and desist. Read More