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Turns Out Nobody Wants to Shop at J. Lo’s Brooklyn Viva Movil Phone Store

Miss you. (Photo: Instagram)

It was only a year ago that Jennifer Lopez marched into Brooklyn and heralded a new era of being ripped off by your cell phone provider. Dubbed Viva Movil, it’s a joint venture between the American Idol judge and Verizon Mobile to lure Latino shoppers to the brand. But it looks like its customers have hung up on it.

Last week, we noticed that the shop on Flatbush Avenue across from the Barclays Center shuttered. Gone are the shrine-like pictures of Ms. Lopez smiling and giggling about Otter cases and data plans, and instead sits an empty storefront. It’s probably not what she was hoping for with the chain’s flagship location. Read More

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Biologists Name New Water Mite Species After Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo the human (not the water mite). (Wikipedia)

It’s cool to win a Grammy or go platinum or get a dumb guest role on an episode of Glee, but nowadays the true mark of musical achievement is having a gross-looking bug named after you.

Jennifer Lopez has become the namesake of a new species of water mite found near Puerto Rico, the AP reports. Biologists named the mite Litarachna lopezae not just because Ms. Lopez has Puerto Rican heritage, but also because they rocked out (as biologists do) to her music as they wrote about their discovery. Read More


Man Sues J.Lo For Soliciting Nudes From Him, Doesn’t Realize He’s Being Catfished

"... They think I said what?" (Photo: Getty)

In addition to releasing a preview video for her new single “Jenny From the Block Part 2: Electric Boogaloo,” Jennifer Lopez is dealing with a lawsuit this week from the only person in the United States who is unfamiliar with the concept of catfishing.

Rodrigo Ruiz filed a $10,000 suit against Ms. Lopez in L.A. “claiming she sent him a letter out of the blue in 2008, demanding he reply with naked photos,” TMZ reports. Don’t you just hate when that happens! Like give it a rest, Ryan Gosling, my front‐facing camera is broken. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Jennifer Lopez Showed Up at Her Viva Movil Store Opening in Brooklyn and Took A Lot of Pictures

Miss you. (Photo: Instagram)

In case if you were wondering what Jennifer Lopez was doing on her summer Friday, we found her!

The self-labeled “mobile neophyte” showed up in Brooklyn this afternoon for the grand opening of her new cell phone retailer Viva Movil. It’s a Latino-aimed joint venture between her, who mostly just poses for pictures for it, and Verizon Wireless. Read More


Draw Something Expands to 12 New Languages, Enlists J-Lo for Promo

Ms. Lopez. (Photo:

The Internet is called the “world wide web” for reason, and Zynga has no intention of leaving those additional players on the table. And so starting today, you can play Draw Something in no fewer than 12 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

That sound you just heard was high school language teachers nationwide ripping up summer reading assignments and replacing them with “download this app, play until your brain melts.”

Bonus: There are celebrities involved. Zynga has enlisted Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias (who have a joint North American tour to promote) to help them celebrate the launch. And if you’ve ever wanted to play a social game with J-Lo, good news, because the pair are going to engage Draw Something players via Twitter. They’ll also be selecting words that’ll be featured in the “JLo Enrique” option of the new “Special Words” feature. A new word will be added every day. Read More