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Plympton Acquires Serial Fiction Pioneer DailyLit

Ms. Lee and Ms. Love. (Photos: Plympton)

Good news for anyone who likes their fiction doled out chapter by chapter, Charles-Dickens style: Today at O’Reilly’s TOC Conference (livestream here for the interested) Plympton, the serial fiction studio cofounded by former New York Times reporter Jennifer 8 Lee and novelist Yael Goldstein Love, announced that they’re “joining forces” with DailyLit, a site founded in 2006 as one of the earliest experiments in digital books. The founders, former Random House exec Susan Danziger and her husband, Union Square Ventures partner Albert Wenger, will continue to advise and invest.

“I realized that DailyLit really needed a good shot in the arm,” said Ms. Danziger, who’d been working on the project herself in the last few years. “At a certain point, there’s only so far you can bring something, and it’s the kind of thing that needs a team that’s really excited about it.”  Read More