Facebook Faceoff

Paul Ceglia Loses Fifth Lawyer, Marijuana Champion; Gains New Lawyer, Accidental Child Pornographer


Facebook has been digging up fantastic dirt related to the case of Paul Ceglia, an upstate wood pellet salesman whose fascinating career included hiring Mark Zuckerberg in 2003. First, the social network revealed that Mr. Ceglia had been arrested for felony possession of mushrooms–hardly relevant, but fun!–then it was made known that one of Mr. Ceglia’s attorneys, Jeffrey Lake of San Diego, specializes in medical marijuana cases. Read More

Cool or Not

Paul Ceglia, Man Suing Facebook, Says He’s Not In It For the Money

paul ceglia

Because $40 billion dollars just isn’t as cool as a national media circus.┬áPaul Ceglia, the upstate New Yorker who is suing Facebook claiming a 50 percent ownership based on a 2003 contract with Mark Zuckerberg for programming work, is holed up in Ireland and, for the most part, keeping his mouth shut. But one of his lawyers, San Diego attorney Jeffrey Lake, is giving statements–and he says despite his client isn’t just looking for a payday. Despite the fact that Mr. Ceglia’s side motioned to move the case to arbitration, which would be the first step toward settling out of court, Mr. Lake says his client wants his day in court. “He wants his case heard on the merits,” Mr. Lake told San Diego’s KGTV. Read More

Law and Order

Well, Now We Know Why Paul Ceglia Is Selling The Website He Sued Mark Zuckerberg Over

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between Mr. Ceglia and Dan Primack's Twitter avatar?

Oh Ceglia, we hardly knew thee. Yesterday, Betabeat got an email from Streetfax.com, the website at the center of a legal dispute between Mark Zuckerberg and Paul Ceglia, the man suing for half of Facebook, telling us we were the “1st to hear” that the domain was up for sale.

As it turns out, the high-powered lawyers who filed the Facebook suit were also trying to unload no-longer-wanted property yesterday: Mr. Ceglia himself. DLA Piper confirmed their withdrawal from the case in federal court in Buffalo yesterday and the fact that the firm had dropped Mr. Ceglia as a client. Read More