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HyperPublic Hires Jeff Weinstein, Big Data Dynamo From ComScore, as New President

Never met a data set he didn't like

Hyperpublic is a relatively new startup with a very ambitious agenda, to organize the world’s geodata and in effect index online what exists where in the physical world. To get there, the company will have to pair a huge machine learning and big data effort with a killer consumer product that layers on great metadata.

In many ways this project resembles the work being done by Joe Einhorn at thingd. Mr. Einhorn is trying to be the “thing” layer on the web, tagging every object in every image, whether it’s part of a Conde Nast photo spread or a personal blog about toy cars. Except Hyperpublic is going after the people, places and things in the real world.

To make this all happen, Hyperpublic has hired Jeff Weinstein as their President. Mr Weinstein was head of R&D at Comscore and was reportedly being recruited by Google before Hyperpublic snapped him up. Read More